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Kvarantan Soldatić, Tea

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24 Sata - Croatia | 23/11/2015

Fear, panic and uncertainty

A "serious and imminent threat" justifies the highest level of terror alert in Belgium, according to Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. After the attacks in Paris the mere suspicion of an attack is enough to paralyse an entire city, the conservative tabloid 24 Sata complains: "The alert is at its highest level. Within a short period of time Brussels has transformed from a bustling business centre and European capital into a city of shadows. The fear, panic and uncertainty among the residents is tangible; even the large number of special units that patrol the streets, especially in the city centre, can't do anything to make people feel safer. For the first time in decades the Belgians' lifestyle - but also that of many Europeans - is compromised. The peace and security of which Europe was so proud are facing a major threat. ... Looking at Brussels today, terrorism has achieved one of its goals: spreading fear and panic."

24 Sata - Croatia | 12/10/2015

Europe's citizens haven't forgotten TTIP

According to police figures around 150,000 people demonstrated against the TTIP and CETA, the free trade agreements the EU plans to sign with the US and Canada, on Saturday in Berlin. This shows that the people are keeping an eye on EU politics despite the distraction of the refugee crisis, writes the conservative tabloid 24 Sata: "The refugee crisis is the biggest challenge for the EU right now. … But this weekend saw one of the largest demonstrations in recent years in Germany, against the free trade agreement between the EU and the US. … The agreement that goes under the acronym TTIP has been overshadowed by the refugee crisis in recent months, but the demonstration in Berlin shows that the German citizens haven't forgotten it. … The citizens of the EU are not willing to leave it to the bureaucrats to conclude the TTIP negotiations."

24 Sata - Croatia | 10/08/2015

Croatia generously taking in refugees

While the big EU countries are squabbling about the distribution of refugees Croatia is generously taking in more than its fair share, the conservative tabloid 24 Sata stresses: "It all began two years ago when the EU ended the Italian Mare Nostrum operation that pro-actively rescued refugees from the Mediterranean. Some member states didn't want to finance the project. … But while the West is doing everything to avoid taking in refugees Croatia has taken in more than the number prescribed by the EU. Because of our recent history we no doubt have enough compassion and humanity to help people in need as best we can. Perhaps the government should voluntarily increase the quota because we have the space and the willingness to take in even more refugees. Some villages have all but died out and we receive money from the EU for each refugee we take in. All it takes is good will."

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