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Kıvanç, Ümit

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Radikal - Turkey | 08/10/2015

Turks accept brutal state with a shrug

Images of the corpse of an alleged PKK militant tied to the back of a police truck and being dragged through the streets of the southern Turkish town of Şırnak have been circulated on Turkish social media since Sunday. It's incomprehensible that so few people in the country have voiced outrage at the act, writes the liberal Internet paper Radikal: "The state, special teams of killers and their propaganda arm in the social media are demonstrating a brutality that's unprecedented even for our country. As long as we don't protest against it this horrible crime will be a burden on us all, and we can't play it down and fool ourselves by saying things like 'But it's the PKK'. ... Because even the PKK murders can't justify such a state-organised atrocity. The unofficial dimension is even more alarming: we were brought up to live with such things, we have become used to them and see them as common occurrences. We believe that our society remains stable, but we're fast becoming one of the most dishonourable societies in the world."

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