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Kıvanç, Taha

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Star - Turkey | 07/05/2013

Munich sends fatal sign as trial location

The NSU trial has not caused much of a stir in Turkey. Journalist Taha Kıvanç criticises both this disinterest and the choice of Munich as the location of the trial in the government-friendly daily Star: "I seriously doubt that the trial in Munich is 'fair' and that the ties of the [NSU] organisation to the state within the state will be cleared up. I'm convinced of this not just because of the disinterest of our newspapers, but also for other reasons, like the choice of Munich as a trial location, which puts the court's claim to neutrality in a questionable light. ... A lawyer friend of mine told me that 'anyone familiar with the German system is aware that Bavaria is well known for the close ties between the right-wing fringes and the state institutions.' But you won't find what I'm describing in the Turkish papers' coverage of the trial. Because like the German journalists, they're satisfied with relaying the information given to them by the prosecutors' office."

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