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Kuyundjiiski, Sharko

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Kultura - Bulgaria | 19/03/2010

Sharko Kuyundjiiski on Macedonian identity and frustrated Bulgarians

Macedonian author Sharko Kuyundjiiski writes that many Macedonians are prejudiced when it comes to Bulgarian culture and slow to appreciate the quality of Bulgarian literary or musical works. Kuyundjiiski puts the blame on both parties in the blog of the Bulgarian weekly Kultura: "This hostile relationship to Bulgarian culture is certainly the complex product of processes upon which not enough light has been shed. Above all it stems from a repeated reaction to Bulgarian frustration ... at the Macedonians' growing sense of independence, which has caused Bulgaria to forfeit many famous personalities, national artworks and historical events. (One only has to remember the provocative statements of a former Bulgarian president who said Macedonians are 'the Romantic part of Bulgarian history' [because of the Macedonian struggle for independence from the Ottoman Empire waged on Bulgarian territory].) This ground is so shaky that even wind waving the grass can cause an earthquake."

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