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Kurzeja, Katarzyna

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Przegląd - Poland | 30/06/2008

US missiles are pennies from heaven

The US government is considering stationing its planned missile shield in Lithuania instead of Poland. This would be a major advantage for Lithuania, writes the Polish weekly Przegląd: "Despite its difficult geopolitical situation - its proximity to the Kaliningrad Zone and Belarus - Lithuania has no intention of spending serious sums on defence. One paradox, for example, is that none of the three Baltic states have fighter aircraft. Their airspace is protected in six month intervals by other NATO members - of course with their own aircraft and at their own expense. ... Not only does Lithuania systematically - and successfully - shirk military action, it also manages to avoid financial participation in NATO operations. That is why the American offer is like pennies from heaven for Lithuania. Because one thing is clear: if the Americans were to install their anti-ballistic missiles there, they would also have to station a large number of American or allied troops to defend them. In that way the problem of the country's protection would be effectively solved, and what's more free of charge."

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