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Kurucz, Árpád

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 03/05/2012

János Áder protects the Orbán system

János Áder, previously EU parliamentarian for the governing right-wing conservative Fidesz party, became Hungary's president on Wednesday. The left-liberal daily Népszabadság voices severe reservations about the new head of state under a veil of irony: "Setting aside the fact that Janos Áder fervently supports the constitution, which makes Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's ideas about the past, present and future of our country part of the constitutional framework, ... and setting aside the fact that as head of state János Áder will be an integral part of the Orbán system and consequently highest protector of that untenable constitution that will make the very act of governing impossible for future governments, ... in short, setting aside all of the above, we can see that János Áder delivered a respectable inaugural speech which under the present circumstances was even the cause for a certain joviality - for the moment, that is."

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