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Kupec, Petr

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Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 29/07/2011

Poland partly to blame for plane crash

The Polish government presents its final report on the causes of the plane crash in Smolensk today, Friday. Interior Minister Jerzy Miller has already announced in advance that the report lays part of the blame on the Polish pilot. In the eyes of the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes, with this admission the government is "throwing a bomb into its own ranks. For many this comes as a big surprise. After all, some Poles didn't want to admit this could be true. ... Prime Minister Donald Tusk chose to take an accommodating stance right from the beginning, as did President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin. ... This concession has provoked harsh criticism from the opposition PiS party led by Jarosław Kaczyński, the brother of the former president who died in the accident. Even before the release of the government's final report the party announced its own investigation. So the 'Causa Smolensk' still hasn't come to an end yet."

Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 01/07/2011

Polish are Europe enthusiasts

Poland takes over the EU presidency from Hungary today for a six-month term. A stroke of good fortune for the Union, writes the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes, because the country is well disposed towards the EU: "The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk would like to show that his country long ago shed the role of Europe's comical outsider which it took on during the era of his predecessor Jarosław Kaczyński. Eighty percent of Poles are satisfied with EU membership and want the euro. Such enthusiasm is rare among post-communist countries, and has its reasons. The Poles are practically the only ones to have come through the crisis without a scratch. In addition farmers carry substantial weight in Poland, and they are delighted with the subsidies and the open market. If anything Warsaw is willing to do more for the future of the euro and the EU than Germany or France. Poland would be happy to present itself at their side as a major European power."

Pražský deník - Czech Republic | 09/04/2008

Western Europeans in Prague

The Czech capital Prague continues to attract ever more foreigners in search of work, reports Petr Kupec: "While in the provinces, mostly Slovaks, Ukrainians, Poles and foreigners from the Far East are looking for low-paid jobs, Prague is seeing a huge influx of job-seekers from economically strong countries in the west. Over two thousand Germans, one thousand French and several hundred Italians are already employed here. These people are not looking for temporary work but are attracted by the prospect of a new home and career. One reason is the huge number of globally successful firms on the Vltava. In the top positions western Europeans earn the same as they would at home. Add to this the fact that these companies do not demand that they speak Czech, which would be nigh on impossible for the majority of them. ... It is often much more difficult for these foreigners to find work at home."

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