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Kuźniar, Roman

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 31/01/2013

Poland must be part of core Europe

At the start of January the Polish parliament voted on a package of laws aimed at postponing the introduction of the euro. But Poland must enter the Eurozone as quickly as possible, among other reasons to strengthen its position vis-à-vis Russia, the Polish presidential advisor Roman Kuźniar writes in a commentary for the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita: "If we remain on the periphery of the EU, Poland will become unattractive for regional partners, and even more unattractive for the countries of Eastern Europe. Because they would no longer believe they can influence Brussels with Warsaw's help. We would no longer represent an important interface for them in European politics. If we were not represented in the economic, monetary and political union, this would be a source of satisfaction for Moscow. Russia could once more try to ignore us, or negotiate with the political centre of Europe over our heads. For cultural and geopolitical reasons, Poland must belong to the core of the European unification project."

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