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Kun, István

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Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 06/03/2014

Hungary's Roma starve in the cold

The Roma in Hungary live in bitter poverty and appalling conditions, poverty researcher István Kun writes in the left-liberal weekly paper Élet és Irodalom: "The Roma live above all in regions of our country that count among the poorest in the EU. And even there, most Roma families are among the poorest of the poor. ... The only time they don't freeze in winter is when they somehow manage to 'organise' firewood. What do they eat? The cheapest food they can find. However bread costs twice as much in the villages as it does in supermarkets in the cities. And everything else is just as expensive, from milk to sausages. These are the conditions many Roma families face on from day to day. ... Many families have even gotten into the habit of buying cheap dog food for their own consumption. These people suffer from poverty not only mentally but also physically."

Népszava - Hungary | 03/08/2010

Hungarians bribe their doctors out of fear

In Hungary it is customary for patients to bribe their doctors with so-called "thanks money". Journalist István Kun takes a look at why, in the leftist daily Népszava: "Let's not beat around the bush! Anyone who believes the thanks money is a natural patient contribution and not illegal should try this with other public servants. ... In past years there have been many estimates of how much all the thanks money given in a year amounts to. They vary between 33 and 99 billion forint [between 117 and 351 million euros] ... Horrendous sums! ... This raises the question of why patients give thanks money at all. Are they really so grateful? Are they really so concerned about their doctors being underpaid? ... And why does everyone pay up, from the very rich to the very poor? ... It is generally accepted that thanks money is given out of gratitude. Rubbish! It's paid out of FEAR! No one wants to die before their time or be tied to their bed for the rest of their lives."

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