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Kulakauskas, Antanas


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Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 07/03/2013

Lithuania must not train doctors for other countries

According to the plans of Lithuania's Health Ministry, young doctors will in future be obliged to work in those places where they can best serve the public good for a certain amount of time after completing their state-financed training. Writing in the conservative daily Lietuvos žinios, political scientist Antanas Kulakauskas supports the initiative saying that it will help prevent the emigration of highly qualified people: "Although Lithuania belongs to the less well-off countries of the EU in certain areas of public policy, the country acts irresponsibly or at least extravagantly. One of these areas is higher education, or to be more precise the funding of students by the state. Under the current system relatively poor Lithuania uses its tax revenues to train specialists for countries that are far richer, for example doctors, whose education is the most expensive. And meanwhile Lithuania's rural areas are increasingly suffering from a lack of doctors."

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