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Kümmel, Peter

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Die Zeit - Germany | 14/08/2009

Peter Kümmel on the culture of friendship

Writing for the German weekly Die Zeit Peter Kümmel analyses the changes the new media have brought about in the culture of friendship: "Online communication is a legacy culture even as it is produced. Should future generations decide to explore our civilisation and wander through our blogs and chatrooms, these reefs built of words, these catacombs of friendship, they will find out: those people back then were obsessive poets. And as befits poets they were all befriended with each other yet some couldn't stand each other. Consequently it's understandable that today it's the text message that touches us most - that newest form of the intimate letter. The pulse of a friend, the gaze of a lover as an electronic impulse. Someone is thinking of me and letting me know it. This communication, just one step removed from silence, is the poetic essence of our times: a final message, the shooting star of friendship."

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