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Kuchenbecker, Tanja

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Handelsblatt - Germany | 23/04/2014

Socialists will spare their voters once more

Many MPs from Prime Minister Manuel Valls' own party are protesting against the austerity package. The liberal business daily Handelsblatt fears that this will translate into a half-hearted implementation of the programme: "Whenever it comes to cost-cutting at the expense of the French population's accustomed privileges, and above all those of the ruling party's voter base, France's governments have often backtracked in the last decades. This is precisely why France's reliability is doubted abroad. ... The argument against the numerous austerity measures: they reduce purchasing power. But as so often in France's past, the real issue is the assets of the civil servants and the fear of reductions in social benefits. Opinions are divided on whether the targeted 50 billion euros in spending cuts should be reduced or not. This debate alone fuels doubts about whether Hollande really has the political leeway to get serious on austerity."

Handelsblatt - Germany | 04/04/2013

Patronage networks foster corruption

France's President François Hollande has announced stricter rules for deputies and members of government in reaction to the scandal over former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac. But the liberal business paper Handelsblatt doesn't believe the measure will be effective because elite patronage networks continue to dominate French politics: "Hollande wanted to eradicate corruption and intrigues, but he's failed. Now he speaks in shock of an 'insult for the Republic' and a 'moral error'. Before that, however, he supported his budget minister Cahuzac for months on end. And the opposition is now taking pleasure in pointing this out. The conservative UMP party has said that it's hard to imagine Hollande was unaware of this. ... Hollande will have to explain why he kept Cahuzac in office for so long despite the suspicions. This case is symptomatic of all of French politics, whether on the right or the left. The closely knit power structure of business and politics is ruled by a class whose members know each other from the elite schools, and who assist and protect each other. The whole thing is conducive to corruption."

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