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Kucharczak, Franciszek

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Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 06/02/2014

Report's statistics on abuse are wrong

The statistics cited in connection with cases of child abuse in the Church are implausible, the national Catholic portal Gość Niedzielny believes: "Reading the report you get the feeling that rather than condemning paedophilia, the Church had actually promoted it. And you get the impression - thanks to the 'terrific' revelations by the UN - that only now is it being forced to drag out the last boys it has been holding captive in its dungeons. Because in fact if for every 400,000 priests there were almost 100,000 cases of child abuse, that would mean one in four priests is a paedophile. Add to that the cases that haven't yet surfaced, and in principle every pastor would be a child molester. ... Doesn't the UN see that these cases came to light over a period of half a century? On top of being hugely expensive, the UN's work is increasingly pointless."

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