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Krzemiński, Adam

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Polityka - Poland | 04/12/2013

German minimum wage good for Poland and Europe

According to the coalition agreement, Germany is to introduce a minimum wage of 8.50 euros by 2017 at the latest. This will be good for the European and the Polish economy, the left-liberal news magazine Polityka writes in delight: "This minimum wage planned for 2017 will increase the incomes of five million employees. ... The EU Commission is not at all happy about the fact that German households are so keen on saving, since this has a negative impact on the European economy - especially in the countries of Southern Europe. Now, however, an increase in German consumption could give the entire European economy a boost. And for us here in Poland there would be more good news: higher wages in Germany would automatically increase the Polish economy's competitiveness."

Polityka Online - Poland | 04/02/2013

More than sexism at stake in Brüderle affair

The debate triggered by the suggestive remarks made at a hotel bar by Rainer Brüderle, the leading candidate of the German Liberal Party, to a female journalist from the news magazine Stern, has now reached Poland. Adam Krzemiński, German expert at the left-liberal news portal Polityka Online, sides with the politician: "This affair has two different aspects: one we could call sexist - namely an inappropriate compliment by an older man lacking in self control. ... The second aspect - the behaviour of a reporter towards a politician - is generally very complicated because both worlds, media and politics, need one another. ... Is this hotel episode really the most important thing in the fifty-year career of a serious politician? ... The editor of Stern is certainly saying so. But this once reputable magazine has lost considerable credibility since publishing the fake Hitler diaries. And only sensationalism can keep its circulation high."

Polityka Online - Poland | 24/05/2011

Don't fuss about Steinbach

Erika Steinbach, the president of the German Federation of Expellees and a controversial figure in Poland, paid a visit to her birthplace Rumia in northern Poland on Monday. The online edition of the news magazine Polityka advises a level-headed approach even if the conservatives in Poland are likely to use the topic for campaign purposes: "Common decency dictates that even unwelcome guests be made welcome. Polite behaviour is always more appropriate than rudeness. ... The visit of the president of the BdV to Gdańsk naturally also has its business motivations - and the whole thing is no doubt also a bit of PR stunt. So let's not reinforce its impact with inappropriate protests and media hype. We are in the midst of an election campaign. And here too, there's no lack of 'diehards' who want to mobilise their voters by conjuring up the demon of 'teutonic madness'."

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