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Kruus, Tiina

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Delfi - Estonia | 05/11/2009

Estonia needs its own gay star

For weeks a discussion has raged in Estonia about the case of a lesbian couple battling for the same rights as married couples. News portal Delfi sides with the couple and calls on gays and lesbians to take courage: "Estonia's few gay activists often compare Estonia with Western countries and criticise the backwardness of our laws and the negative attitude of society regarding homosexuals. But they overlook the fact that gays attain their rights not just by sitting pretty. Gays and lesbians must campaign openly over a lengthy period to attain their rights. … The Estonian gay community lacks a charismatic icon to fight for more tolerance and be a role model for others, encouraging them to also come out. This is necessary if the attitude of Estonian society is to change. Estonia needs a gay star!"

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