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Krüger, Karen

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | 24/06/2008

Football as an indicator of integration

In the run-up to the EURO Cup semi-final between Germany and Turkey, the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung examines to what extent "football enthusiasm can serve as an indicator of willingness to integrate. ... From the lowest ranks right up to the First Division, here in Germany football has certainly proven to be a powerful force towards integration, and this is true whether you are talking about the Ruhr or Schleswig-Holstein or ... the remote corners of Upper Hesse. ... But by the end of the semi-final, at latest, the ideal world of German-Turkish football will be put to a tough social test. And what is more, the reactions to the results on the streets of our cities will tell us a lot about two things: firstly the potential for xenophobia and secondly the degree of integration of our fellow citizens from Turkey. ... When the game begins tomorrow evening in the St.-Jakobs-Park in Basel, it will not be a battle between two enemy football teams. It will be a kind of local derby between Turkey and Germany."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | 04/01/2008

Alevis as a modern Islamic community

Karen Kruger asks Austrian author Barbara Frischmuth about the Alevi faith, following protests against an episode in a German TV crime series that dealt with sexual abuse in an Alevi family. Alevis in Germany complain that the TV episode caters to a common Turkish prejudice that Alevis indulge in incest. "For many Alevis, the moment may have arrived to openly discuss their faith. They point to prejudices that remain very much alive in Turkey. ... On one hand, Turkish intellectuals are increasingly interested in Alevi culture. Because the Alevi model of religion is non-western, and yet has revealed itself at the same time as much more compatible with modernity than that of Sunni Islam. Many Turks are suddenly discovering their own Alevi roots. On the other hand, conflicts continue with orthodox Muslims. The Alevis are very disappointed in Turkey."

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