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Krouwel, André

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Blog EUROPP - United Kingdom | 20/09/2012

André Krouwel on the short-lived pro-European stance in the Netherlands

The victory of the centrist parties in the Dutch parliamentary elections is only a short-term phenomenon, says political scientist André Krouwel on the London School of Economics' blog EUROPP, arguing that the former success of the populist parties has permanently changed Dutch political culture: "Centrist politics has all but disappeared from Dutch politics as parties have polarised on the moral-cultural dimension that was politicized by Pim Fortuyn and now by Geert Wilders. Over the last decade, Dutch society became deeply divided over cultural issues, particularly with regard to immigration, integration of (Muslim) minorities and the European Union. The 2005 referendum on the Constitutional Treaty deepened and hardened Euroscepticism, with Geert Wilders now even campaigning for a unilateral Dutch exit from both the Euro and the European Union. In this election, the combined vote share for Euro-critical parties amounts to no less than 2.3 million voters – a quarter of the Dutch electorate. ... The idea that this election is some sort of 'normalisation' or return to political stability seems unfounded."

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