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Kronqvist, Patrik

Columnist "Expressen", Sweden

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Expressen - Sweden | 17/11/2015

Exodus to Europe: Swedes could lose trust in the state

Tents are in short supply in Sweden as a result of the steady flow of refugees arriving in the country. The state's inability to cope with the situation is worrying indeed, the social-liberal daily Expressen writes: "The Swedes rely on their politicians to solve all the problems that arise. Now those in power can't even come up with enough tents. ... The Greens want those who take in refugees to receive 2000 kronor [roughly 215 euros] per month; the Centre Party wants to leave it to the refugees to find their own accommodation. The politicians who are supposed to solve everything are now hoping for help from private individuals. ... We pay high taxes in Sweden, and now our good will is being called on to give the refugees a roof over their heads. Is something going very wrong here?"

Expressen - Sweden | 24/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Sweden already has shortage of living space

In view of Sweden's acute housing shortage and the roughly 1,000 asylum seekers entering the country each day, the tabloid Expressen takes the government and the Green Party's minister for housing severely to task: "What to do with the refugees? In the budget plan presented by the government [on Tuesday] there was no sign of a house-building programme for new arrivals. Instead the government covers itself with a fig leaf, saying that all communities must take in refugees. ... In the absence of political solutions, more refugees will end up whiling away their time in asylum centres. And space will grow even tighter in areas with a high density of migrants when newly arrived relatives have to sleep on mattresses. It is incomprehensible that the Green Party seems to have no interest in how integration is supposed to work in practice."

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