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Kromhout, Rindert

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 30/08/2012

The Netherlands ignoring art and culture

The campaign leading up to the Dutch parliamentary elections on September 12 is focusing on nothing but the euro crisis and money, the popular children's author Rindert Kromhout laments in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "The current government has made major cuts in the art and culture budget. The debates about these cutbacks have always focused on money rather than on how important art, culture and leisure are in our life, or should be. … What do art and culture mean for society? How can we ensure that art and culture are accessible to as many people as possible in future? That's what I want to hear you talk about, you parties in The Hague. … Do we want to teach our children nothing more than what derivatives are and what the situation on the financial markets is? What role do our schools play in this issue? It would be refreshing to hear the top candidates discuss such questions in their next debate. If they don't I can only sigh: what a poor country this rich country is."

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