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Król, Marek

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Super Express - Poland | 13/07/2015

Komorowski shouldn't honour Stauffenberg

Polish President Bronisław Komorowski paid tribute to Claus von Stauffenberg, the former German general and protagonist of the failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, during a commemoration ceremony last week. The president has only discredited himself, the conservative daily Super Express criticises: "If Berlin says that Stauffenberg was a hero, President Komorowski clicks his heels. ... Sorry for putting it so bluntly. But this officer who Komorowski has now discovered as a 'hero' only wanted to kill Hitler to preserve the German dominance in Europe that at the time still ended at the Vistula. ... Then he was planning to conclude a truce in the east with Stalin to fix these borders [and preserve the division of Poland]. If the plot had been successful, Poland wouldn't even exist. ... The historian Komorowski must have dozed off during his seminars on 20th century Europe. "

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