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Krohn, Knut

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Stuttgarter Zeitung - Germany | 30/09/2008

What Wałęsa is worth

As Poland prepares to introduce the euro in 2011, a dispute has broken out as to whose image should adorn the coin. The Süddeutsche Zeitung comments: "All Poles agree on one thing: the image of the late Pope John Paul II must figure on one of the coins. ... But that's as far as the consensus goes. The list is long. ... Lech Wałęsa is also being mentioned. The only one among the potential candidates who is still alive, Wałęsa promptly responded that he would agree to having his face on one of the coins, adding modestly that it should be one of the more valuable denominations. Wałęsa's numerous critics have expressed nothing but ridicule for these remarks. First of all it must be conclusively proven that the Nobel Prize winner was not an informant for the communist regime, they say."

Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 19/12/2007

Fragile coalition

Knut Krohn comments that Tymoshenko only won the election the third time around, and with a very slim majority. "The coalition of the 'Tymoshenko Block' and the presidential party, 'Our Ukraine,' is extremely fragile, resting on a majority of only two votes after the parliamentary election of 30 September... The depth of the gap between the two parties was already obvious during the coalition talks, which were overshadowed by serious tensions. Repeatedly, President Viktor Yushchenko pushed to include Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych's 'Party of Regions,' whose 175 seats make it the strongest parliamentary fraction, in a kind of grand coalition... But the president's goal was doubtless also to minimize Tymoshenko's influence within the government. And in the end she assiduously refused to make any pacts with Yanukovych."

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