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Krönig, Jürgen

Zeit Online

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Zeit Online - Germany | 04/04/2012

Argentina can forget the islands

Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands has no hope of success, writes the liberal news portal Zeit Online: "When British colonists settled on the uninhabited islands 400 kilometres off the coast of South America in the 17th century, Argentina didn't even exist. The anti-colonial argument with which Buenos Aires is today trying to turn the mood against British sovereignty is just as ineffectual: Argentina itself is a colonial construction. ... On top of that, no Argentineans live on the Falklands, just Brits. The people there want to remain British citizens, more than ever after Argentina's violent attempt to gain control. ... In the future the oil reserves that have been discovered around the islands will do much to change their current status as a serene backwater. At the same time London's resolve to defend its claim to the islands once again by force if necessary will only grow should Argentina's greed turn all too threatening."

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