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Krūmiņš, Māris

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Delfi - Latvia | 06/12/2012

Arms build-up on Syrian border ill-advised

Following a request by Turkey, Nato decided on Tuesday to station patriot missiles on the Turkish-Syrian border. But this arms build-up is the wrong way to go, the news portal Delfi believes: "It may well be that this missile deployment in Turkey is just the forerunner of a more extensive intervention in the region. ... In view of Turkey's fears we must remember the saying according to which he who is most afraid is generally the culprit. With its open support for the opposition and its call for a military overthrow of the Assad regime, Turkey has brazenly intervened in the Syrian conflict. Instead of stationing surface to air missiles on the border, it would be better to ensure that no weapons are being brought over the border and that everything is done to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria."

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