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Krūmiņš, Māris

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Delfi - Latvia | 17/03/2011

Time is on Gaddafi's side

The international community remains at odds over how to deal with Libya. That only plays into the hands of dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, writes the portal Delfi: "Cynics believe people are playing for time on purpose to see which side gains the upper hand. But criticism of the UN or Nato would be just as scathing if they were to pass a drastic, hasty resolution whose implementation posed endless problems. Nevertheless one thing is clear: time is on Revolutionary Leader Gaddafi's side. Although the resolution worked out by the UK, France and Lebanon for the establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya and stricter sanctions against the regime has finally made it to the UN Security Council, the vote will take place Thursday at the earliest. ... But apart from the time factor such a resolution is pointless if it remains nothing more than a declaration. Implementing it, by contrast, would be a declaration of war on the official Libyan government - with all the consequences that entails."

Delfi - Latvia | 25/02/2011

New president a danger for Kosovo

The parliament in Kosovo elected the wealthy businessman Behgjet Pacolli as president on Tuesday. An unfortunate choice, the news portal Delfi comments: "Kosovo's opponents can rub their hands: Pacolli is a scandal-ridden figure often referred to as Kosovo's Berlusconi, while re-elected Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi is still under suspicion of involvement in organ trafficking. ... The most worrying thing about Pacolli's election is that he isn't a politician but a businessman, and could use the office of president to enrich himself. The economic situation in Kosovo is a catastrophe. Unemployment is at 40 percent and 45 percent of the country's two million inhabitants live under the poverty line. The country continues to receive international aid, but for the most part this money disappears in the pockets of high-ranking officials. Now Kosovo has a president who will take a keen interest in this flow of money."

Delfi - Latvia | 28/09/2010

Settlement issue decisive for the Middle East conflict

The question of Jewish settlements in the West Bank will decide whether there is peace in the Middle East, writes the news portal Delfi, recalling what happened when Israeli settlements were cleared from the Gaza Strip: "There will only be a Palestinian state worthy of the name when it doesn't consist merely of small plots of land surrounded by the territory of a potential enemy. This is precisely why President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly said he sees no point in continuing the talks as long as the building of settlements carries on. Now Abbas has relented somewhat and announced that he will consult the Arab League. ... [Israeli] politicians can refer to their experiences in the Gaza Strip for guidance: in 2005, 21 Jewish settlements were cleared and the army withdrew, but instead of gratitude the answer Israel received from the Palestinians was missile attacks at regular intervals."

Delfi - Latvia | 24/08/2010

How dangerous is Ahmadinejad?

The news portal Delfi writes that while Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is above all considered a provocateur in the West, the most important question remains unanswered: "A few sanctions have been imposed to no real effect, and aside from that there have been a few threatening military gestures and unreliable prognoses. But in truth the world really only has to find the answer to one question: are Ahmadinejad and the Iran he controls on the same level as Pakistan and India, for example, which although they have nuclear weapons do not represent a major headache for the world? If Iran's president is a new Hitler, there's no choice but to make up for lost time and send military commandos to Iran before it's too late. But if that's not the case it's incomprehensible why he's been able to cause years of commotion."

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