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Krisztián, B. Simon

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Kettős Mérce - Hungary | 28/08/2015

Fears of IS migrants unjustified

EU security experts have stressed in the past weeks that it is unlikely that IS terrorists are among the refugees coming to Europe. Blogger Krisztián B. Simon also plays down the danger on blog portal Kettős Mérce: "Nothing can be ruled out, but it would be a pretty silly idea on the part of a terrorist organisation to send its fighters several thousand kilometres on foot and unarmed, while at the same time trying to find new recruits precisely in Europe. And it would be just as silly for a terrorist to allow himself to be fingerprinted by the authorities (which is obligatory for refugees arriving in Europe). Added to that, our intelligence services and asylum procedures help to apprehend people who are plotting terrorist attacks. And another thing is that we are by no means obliged to grant asylum to such people."

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