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Kristeva, Julia

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La Repubblica - Italy | 25/04/2014

Julia Kristeva prescribes culture therapy for Europe's states

Cultivating people's national cultural awareness is an essential component of any strategy to increase the citizens' identification with Europe, according to Julia Kristeva. The philosopher and psychoanalyst therefore proposes a therapy for the states of Europe in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "I'm willing to bet that it is in our cultural remembrance that the European vision endures. ... Just like an individual, a nation can suffer from depression. A psychoanalyst tries to restore a depressive patient's self-confidence before actually beginning with the analysis. In the same way, a depressed nation needs to attain a positive self-image before it can seek European integration. ... Europe needs national cultures that recognise their own value and are proud of themselves in order to create the cultural diversity which Unesco represents. ... Only a 'federal' Europe conceived in this way - and not some transnational form of government - can play a significant role in the search for a new balance in the world."

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