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Škrinjar, Klara

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Delo - Slovenia | 13/08/2012

Slovenia's government controls new channels

The state-run enterprise Telekom Slovenije is planning to create a new television station this autumn even though it is legally forbidden for telecommunications firms in Slovenia to own television channels. The left-liberal daily Delo sees the move as an attempt by the conservative government to increase its influence: "This large-scale project is dubious because of the way it has come about, as it will be run by a company that is majority state-owned. Hence the term state television. ... The fact that the broadcaster will be established by a state-owned company is uncommon, to say the least, for societies with a developed media culture. The state already controls the public radio and television as well as the Slovenian Press Agency, but there are laws that protect these two institutions from too much influence on the part of the government. However such 'safety measures' are not in effect for the new television channel."

Delo - Slovenia | 28/10/2010

Slovenia makes unnecessary broadcasting laws

Slovenia's parliament has passed a new public broadcasting law, replacing the law passed with a slim majority by the previous right-wing conservative government. The daily Delo fears that each new government will now want to introduce its own law. "It seems nothing short of inadmissible that the evaluation of the quality and wisdom of the 'house rules' for our country's only public radio broadcaster should be reduced to a matter of political victories and defeats. But that's the way things stand. ... Such party-based policy-making in the media sector shows only that the politicians fail to understand the function of democratic society, and it doesn't take us forward one bit. ... This attitude only damages the reputation, credibility and content produced by public radio and television."

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