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Krile, Davor

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Slobodna Dalmacija - Croatia | 07/06/2013

Sons of the rich in Croatia untouchable

Several mild sentences against drivers who caused fatal traffic accidents have triggered outrage in Croatia over the past few months. Normally heavy sentences are meted out for traffic accidents caused by drunkenness, especially when fatalities result. But that doesn't apply to the sons of the super-rich, the liberal daily Slobodna Dalmacija complains: "The rich and their children are the eternally privileged social group who are immune to fair punishment, even when they kill out of sheer arrogance and cockiness. ... The government may be social democratic, but the fact is that the state is in the hands of 200 rich families. ... Fines are no deterrent for these unpunished killers, because they and their fathers have money in excess. That makes them self-righteous and insensitive to everyone they run over who had the misfortune to stand in their way. The only way to stop them is with social pressure, solidarity with their victims, as well as fire and brimstone for those who let them do as they please."

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