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Kriener, Manfred

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 24/09/2014

World is weary of climate policy

Unlike 120 other leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel opted not to attend the UN Climate Summit in New York. This is a sign of a chronic weariness with climate policy issues, the left-leaning daily taz believes: "That can be seen for example in how the media shrug their shoulders and acknowledge (or don't acknowledge) that the so-called grounding line of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has crossed a historic tipping point, and the melting of this unfathomably gigantic mass of ice has become an irreversible, ever-accelerating process. ... Horror stories are not enough to get states to react or to bring fresh impetus to climate policy. ... Furthermore, this year will also see the 'real' UN conference in Lima [the UN climate conference from December 1 - 12]. So expectations for New York have melted away. These lowered expectations on the other hand preempt premature talk of a complete failure."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 04/01/2008

Record price for crude oil

Neither speculation on the energy market nor "geopolitical distortions" were primarily responsible for pushing oil prices sky high, says Manfred Kriener. "Oil providers are having trouble keeping up with rising demand. This assessment is now also shared by the conservative International Energy Agency, the most important energy address for states in the OECD. ... It's high time to pronounce a word that economists avoid the way the devil avoids evening prayers: 'Finiteness!'... Delivery cannot be increased arbitrarily. It stands close to its high-point – the infamous peak – and it will drop after 2010. The world is not prepared for this eventuality. Oil prices will climb to 200 dollars - a number that seems just as inconceivable to us today as 100 dollars seemed twelve months ago. "

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