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Kreutzträger, Ilka

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 21/04/2010

Data charge creates two-class Internet

Telecommunications companies in Europe and the US are considering introducing a so-called data charge, by which different fees are charged for different types of data on the Internet. The leftist daily die tageszeitung fears the move will create a two-class internet: "The faster the connection, the more expensive it is. There's not much to be criticised about that. If you want to see a concert you've got to pay for the ticket. And the bigger and better the band, the more expensive it will be. But everyone decides for himself how much he's ready to pay. ... With their data charge AT&T, German Telekom and the rest are now radically changing the rules. They're putting a bouncer at the door to meet Internet users, for whom just having a ticket is no longer enough. ... What this means for the Web is that in future financially strong Internet users will be able to access more contents on the Net than less solvent ones. This heralds the end of the Internet as we know it. We don't want a bouncer 2.0. We want to be able to keep on going to the club - even in our old sneakers if we please."

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