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Krémer, Ferenc

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Galamus - Hungary | 08/01/2015

Allah would punish attackers without mercy

Allah would punish the murdering jihadists without mercy if he were alive, sociologist Ferenc Krémer writes on the left-liberal opinion portal Galamus: "Allah is dead, and Muhammad's words are gone with the wind. Allah didn't die because of the Paris attack; he was already dead when Osama bin Laden arrived on the scene. But if he were still alive he would mete out terrible punishment to those who kill innocent people in his name. And also to those who want to live like their ancestors did 1500 years ago. The unfathomable cruelties of the Islamic State are only possible because they are being committed by the zombie army of a dead god."

Galamus - Hungary | 02/12/2013

Having own party makes Hungary's Roma stronger

For the first time, the Roma minority in Hungary will present its own party, the "Hungarian Gypsy Party" (Magyarországi Cigány Párt), in the European parliamentary elections next spring, party spokesman Aladár Horváth announced last week. The sociologist Ferenc Krémer welcomes the new party on the left-leaning opinion portal Galamus: "I don't believe that the governments we've had in Hungary until now have really done anything tangible to support the Roma, apart from making nice-sounding statements and introducing pseudo measures. Without their own political representation, the Roma can never become citizens with equal rights. Without a party they would no doubt continue to be granted minor concessions, but in the long term this would only worsen their situation and the social tensions in the country. ... And nor do I share the criticism of those who are against a Roma party on purely ethnic grounds. Hungary's right, for example, is also organised on the basis of ethnic principles."

Galamus - Hungary | 10/04/2013

Orbán may not just ban Nazi rally

Hungary's right-wing conservative head of government Viktor Orbán has personally issued a ban against a rally planned by far right bikers under the slogan "Hit the accelerator!". This is a dictatorial act on Orbán's part since banning rallies falls within the remit of the police and the judiciary, writes sociologist Ferenc Krémer on the left-liberal opinion portal Galamus: "Now everyone is delighted because Orbán has banned the neo-Nazi bikers' rally. … He didn't have the authority to do so but we're already getting used to him doing as he pleases. … It looks like the Hungarian police is under the direct influence of the politicians and the corresponding laws are just for decorative purposes. Viktor Orbán has once again made it clear that he wields absolute power in the country."

Galamus - Hungary | 13/04/2011

Ferenc Krémer on ridicule as a political instrument

Thanks to its two-thirds majority in parliament Viktor Orbán's right-wing conservative government enjoys great power. Sociologist Ference Krémer writes on the left-liberal opinion portal Galamus that ridicule is perhaps the only effective weapon against this power: "Political systems that base their relationship with citizens on displays of power and intimidation can rule efficiently as long as they are taken seriously. But once they are exposed to ridicule, the path is open for change. The communist Kádár regime (1957 - 1988) was exposed to ridicule long before the fall of communism in 1989/90. This ridicule increasingly undermined its institutions. Intimidation was - as with the Orbán government - only one of the many instruments of the Kádár regime. Both systems also had in common that they were or are based on trust. The Kádár regime expected its subjects to trust the state party and its good will unconditionally. ... The Orbán system also builds on its citizens' faith in the ruling Fidesz party. ... Laughter, on the other hand, frees people of the beliefs that have been imposed on them, and puts them on an equal footing."

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