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Krekó, Péter

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Kritika - Hungary | 11/05/2011

Péter Krekó on the popularity of conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories, particularly of an anti-Semitic nature, can be observed in all societies and are especially popular following disasters, writes the political scientist Péter Krekó in the cultural magazine Kritika: "Their biggest advantage lies from a psychological point of view in providing answers for events that are difficult to explain, unexpected and shocking. It's no coincidence that these theories spring up after crises, natural disasters and suicide bombings. Psychologically they are convenient because they help to separate the 'good from evil'. ... Is there a distinction between anti-Semitic theories and other conspiracy theories? Yes, in the sense that a conspiracy is inherent to the stereotypes about Jews that have been passed down the generations and have become deeply entrenched in European culture: the Jews are controlling world events through secret networks. ... There is practically no negative social or political event of major significance that hasn't been attributed to a conspiracy driven by Israel or the Jews."

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