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Kreimeier, Nils

Financial Times Deutschland

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Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | 06/05/2009

It's all about zones of influence

The EU must free itself from long-standing illusions - first and foremost the idea that Europe has nothing to do with zones of influence - for the Eastern Partnership to be successful, writes the liberal Financial Times Deutschland: "Of course the EU is extending it's 'zone of influence' with the eastwards expansion, even if the diplomats in Brussels prefer to avoid the term. It is in the Community's best interest to share similar norms and values with neighbouring states. Democracies don't just look better, in the long term they're also the most reliable partners, they are less of a military threat and they're more attractive for investors. Anyone who steers clear of the term 'zone of influence' does so primarily to avoid angering Russia. But it would be entirely wrong for the EU to let Moscow dictate what type of relation it maintains with its neighbours."

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