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Krautmanis, Māris

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1.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 24/09/2015

Latvians must not fall ill this autumn

The biggest hospital in Riga used up the last of the budget it was allocated for 2015 by the Latvian state for medical examinations this ... » more

2.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 23/07/2015

Latvian judiciary bows to popular pressure

Protests erupted in the Latvian city of Liepāja last week after a man and his son were sentenced to community service and a fine for ... » more

3.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 03/06/2015

No one wants to be Latvia's president

Latvia's parliament will elect a new president today. But nobody really wants the job, the national-conservative daily Neatkarīgā observes: "Has the president's chair really become ... » more

4.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 29/08/2014

Teachers are Latvia's heroes

After three months of summer holidays the pupils in Latvia return to school this Monday. The national-conservative daily Neatkarīgā praises the Latvian teachers' high level ... » more

5.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 24/10/2013

Latvians no longer need fear Russians

The Latvians want to tear down the Victory Memorial to the Soviet Army in front of which the country's Russian inhabitants commemorate the liberation from ... » more

6.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 10/07/2013

Latvians plunge blindly into euro adventure

The finance ministers of the EU on Tuesday gave the green light for Latvia to join the Eurozone in 2014. The conservative daily Neatkarīgā doesn't share ... » more

7.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 08/04/2013

Latvian law to get rid of politicians

In Latvia a new law has been proposed that would oblige local government representatives to resign if they come under legal investigation. The proposed legislation ... » more


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