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Krauel, Torsten

Die Welt

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Die Welt - Germany | 01/10/2015

Moscow's offensive will result in more refugees

By providing air support for Syrian troops in the fight against the opposition, Russian President Vladimir Putin is maintaining in power a government that suits his interests with disastrous consequences, the conservative daily Die Welt believes: "Apparently Assad is less afraid of the madmen from the IS than of the national opposition. It was already fighting him when the IS was just getting organised in the mountains around Mosul. Moscow's intervention is an admission of failure by the West, which made a big deal about drawing a 'red line' for Assad without taking any action when Assad crossed it. The West has come across as irresolute and even cowardly, and Assad is now taking advantage of this. But far from reducing the number of Syrian refugees, his pilots and weapons deliveries to Assad will only lead to more refugees."

Welt am Sonntag - Germany | 17/02/2013

The customer is the best moral authority

A documentary aired on German television last week showed how the online retailer Amazon exploits and harasses its contract workers. The conservative daily Welt am Sonntag believes democratic capitalism can correct such aberrations: "With the Internet democratic capitalism has put a control instrument in the hands of its customers that - like the companies themselves - is in operation 24 hours a day. ... Under such pressure, the firms will also change. The insular command structures borrowed from the military will be broken up, because the customers' voice, participation and shared responsibility will bring a decisive profit-making advantage. ... And in exchange for such power, customers must not simply go straight to the checkout but inform themselves about why books, lasagne or clothes are so affordable, despite around-the-clock delivery. ... Capitalism is a social form in which morally irreproachable profits are possible when everyone puts their mind to it."

Die Welt - Germany | 12/11/2010

Merkel defies Obama at G20 summit

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended herself against US demands at the G20 summit that Germany limit its export surplus. The conservative daily Die Welt praises Merkel's defence of free trade: "Merkel fears ... that protectionists could win the upper hand on global trade and she's fighting tooth and nail to stop them. She has qualms about Barack Obama's call to limit export surpluses on a percentage basis. True, there is little prospect of the project going through, but the sound of similar calls from Paris is still ringing in Merkel's ear. She intends to show all potential copycats that Berlin will not go along with those who question free trade on the basis of short-term national interests. ... From Obama's perspective there are good reasons for criticising Germany's trade surplus. ... But that can be a matter of indifference to Angela Merkel. Her aim of having free global trade established in a UN committee is right. Once this step has been taken it will be easier to discuss national problem cases."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung - Germany | 12/09/2010

Torsten Kraul on 3D entertainment and 2D cognition

3D technology is making a comeback at 50. The entertainment industry presented the first prototypes of televisions that employ 3D techniques at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (Berlin Radio Show). The technology is fascinating but people won't be converted from the two-dimensionality of their real perception of things: "The fascination with going back to the basics, the appeal of abstraction, is dimensionless, because human understanding takes place without a third dimension. We embrace someone and believe we know him or her. But we suspect that this is just a belief. The three-dimensional image is not the personality. … Three and two-dimensionality, this is the step from touching to thinking, the difference between sex and eros, the long distance between the physical image and logical cognition. Three-dimensional entertainment is a perfect pastime, and many will be happy to enjoy it at the touch of a button. But those who would rather spend their day trying to grasp reality will at some point press a button and contentedly put an end to the three-dimensional fiction."

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