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Krasnoglazov, Nikita

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Vesti - Latvia | 01/08/2013

Fence to fend off eastern boar invasion

The three Baltic countries and Poland want to protect themselves from African swine fever by erecting a common border fence to prevent infected boars from Russia and Belarus from entering their territory. The Russian-language Latvian daily Vesti jokes: "This fantastic idea didn't even occur to Gennadiy Onishchenko, the chief sanitary inspector of Russia. A wall along the borders with Russia and Belarus to prevent the spread of African swine fever! ... Ideally the money should come from the EU! That's how they want to stop the migration of wild boars! But the fever comes from Africa. What if it enters the country by ship or aircraft? ... The Baltic states are probably hoping to gain the attention of the West and at the same time prevent further Asian expansion - in this case the expansion of the wild boar population. And also in view of the recent meat scandals in Western Europe, the Baltic states' desire for a protective fence is perfectly understandable."

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