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Kraounakis, Stelios, Greece

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Greece | 17/12/2012

Media exploit refugee drama

A boat carrying an estimated 28 refugees went down on Friday in the strait separating the Greek island of Lesbos from the Turkish coast. 21 bodies have been recovered so far. The left-leaning web portal criticises the sensationalist reporting: "The camera moves nervously back and forth like an impatient spy, waiting to film something that can be sold as a scoop. The cameraman doesn't want to miss a single image. Two people are busy gathering the corpses, closely followed by camera operators and photographers. ... Where's the news? What are the TV stations trying to sell? Nothing but a shiver down the spine. Anyone who follows this reporting passively learns nothing about what really happened, only about the horror as presented by the TV stations. And they don't ask questions about how this country has dealt with refugees or immigrants in the past. ... When these problems are hidden and television audiences are sold nothing but horror, they cannot help remaining uninformed and inactive."

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