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Kramm, Jutta

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Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 04/08/2010

Germany strengthens rights of irresponsible fathers

Germany's Supreme Court on Tuesday reinforced the rights of single fathers. From now on it will be easier for them to obtain custody of their children. The judges' ruling cultivates an idealised image of the modern father, the left-liberal Berliner Zeitung criticises: "The judges base their decision on the premise that with the procreative act - as with pregnancy - a conscious decision is made in favour of a responsible life with a child; they assume that anyone who becomes a father also wants to take care of the child. ... When parents separate, fathers - and this is evident from both experience and statistics - often quickly leave not only the woman but also the children. Many are then reluctant to pay maintenance - the state regularly has to advance hundreds of thousands because fathers fall behind with their payments. ... Naturally, it has to be said here, there is such a thing as the dedicated father. ... For many others, however, a carte blanche for custody would be as undeserved as it is scandalous because it is detrimental for the children."

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 01/02/2008

Berliners love their noise and dirt

Berlin is to hold a referendum on whether the Tempelhof Airport, located within the city, should be closed. "No other European city could hold such a plebiscite," Jutta Kramm says. "If you asked Parisians, Londoners or Romans if they'd like an airport smack in the middle of town, they'd say 'No thanks.' But Berliners are different. They hold a referendum on noise and dirt in the city centre, and huge financial loss. After all, that's what they would get with the continued usage of Tempelhof Airport. ... But Berlin is not like any other large city. It was the capital of the Cold War, a city on the front lines, and an island. No one took things for granted. You had to take a stand: For America and its way of life, or against. For Socialism and the Party, or against. That's the only way to explain why East Berliners are so upset by the razing of the Palace of the Republic; and it also explains why many West Berliners cling to their Airlift airport."

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