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Kramberger Škerl, Uroš

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 10/12/2014

Slovenia must guarantee human rights

In recent months Slovenia has been called on by both the United Nations and the EU Commission to introduce a system for actively guaranteeing human rights in the country rather than just dealing with the problem on a case-by-case basis. The left-liberal daily Dnevnik joins in the call: "Saving the world starts with saving an individual, it's true. But the state can't afford to deal with every single case. The EU Commission has already initiated a preliminary investigation into failures to comply with several directives on equal treatment and equal opportunities. ... If Slovenia doesn't find a systematic solution to the problem of protecting human rights it could end up costing the state one and a half million euros. Human rights have at least one good quality that also benefits the state. It's easy to calculate revenues and expenditures. It's always cheaper to prevent the abuse of rights than to clean up once the damage is done. The price of human lives is very high."

Dnevnik - Slovenia | 24/11/2011

Put education above rules of market

Universities and professors occupied the philosophy department at the University of Ljubljana on Wednesday to protest the introduction of student fees and the Bologna Reform. The left-liberal daily Dnevnik shows sympathy with their objectives: "The demands are the same all over the world: give everyone access to education and stop the universities from becoming 'enterprises'. There is no reason to hope that Slovenia can escape this trend. ... There is no need to waste our breath discussing the relationship between making quick money and the quality of education. Everywhere, not just in the universities and the media, it has become clear that protecting the public interest must not be left to the 'rules of the market'."

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