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Krakowiak, Andrzej

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1.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 05/03/2015

Polish farmers shrug off Putin's cheese embargo

Two weeks ago Russia extended its embargo on imports of Polish food to include cheese products. This shouldn't pose too much of a problem for ... » more

2.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 14/11/2014

Poland's coal mines just not profitable

The miners of Poland's struggling coal mining industry receive around 700 million euros in special bonuses and other allowances per year but this sum would ... » more

3.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 05/03/2014

Poland soon won't need gas from Russia

Poland wants to spend a total of 2.7 billion euros between 2011 and 2018 on projects aimed at reducing its dependence on energy from Russia. ... » more

4.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 10/08/2012

Budget airlines not profitable in Poland

The failure of the budget airline OLT Express has sparked a discussion in Poland about the profitability of domestic flights. Cheap flights basically don't pay ... » more

5.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 18/10/2011

Warsaw has no need for German nuclear policy

According to the daily Rzeczposolita, Poland's nuclear programme has fallen behind schedule because Poland extended the deadline for international objections to an environmental impact assessment ... » more

6.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 25/02/2011

Attract auto suppliers to Poland

The Warsaw-based car factory FSO stopped production on Wednesday after its principal customer General Motors withdrew its business. Poland must put more effort into attracting ... » more

7.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 22/07/2010

Poland's energy future is green

Europe's second-largest biogas plant is to be constructed in Poland. The project in the southern Polish city of Szczytna is part of a national investment ... » more

8.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 23/12/2009

Polish companies for bargain prices

The global economic crisis is facilitating the acquisition of Polish companies, writes the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita: "According to prevailing opinion a crisis is the best ... » more


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