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Kozlevčar, Jernej

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 27/02/2009

The stock market speaks

The rapid development and strong growth in Eastern Europe in recent years are taking their toll in the crisis, writes the Slovenian paper Dnevnik: "The first two months of this year were a catastrophe for every investor. On the developed stock markets of Western Europe, for example, the DAX lost 17.4 percent of its value and the French CAC 14.6. According to Bloomberg the biggest losers in the East are the Romanian BET with a minus of 38.5 percent this year and Poland's WIG20 with a loss of 31.2 percent. At this rate it's hard to imagine where share prices will end up by the end of 2009. Because until now the measures introduced in the various countries seem not to have had any effect to speak of. The real economy is increasingly feeling the negative impact of the crisis, which could in turn have a negative influence on business integrity. And further events on the stock markets depend on whether the indexes can be stabilised."

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