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Koziński, Agaton

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Polska - Poland | 06/09/2013

Sikorski hits Russia's sore spot

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday rejected accusations that Syria used Soviet technology in the 1970s and 80s to build up its chemical weapons arsenal, as Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski alleged in an interview with Le Monde last week. The conservative daily Polska doesn't believe the Russian version: "This has hit a sore spot. Particularly because Sikorski's comments also appeared in one of the leading French newspapers. ... Russia is attempting to bring off a diplomatic tour de force here. It wants to maintain the status quo in Syria - meaning its influence and its military harbours. At the same time it above all wants to weaken the US's position. To a certain extent Sikorski's words have revealed the game Russia is playing with the West. That's why the Kremlin's reaction has been so acerbic."

Polska - Poland | 29/06/2012

Euro 2012 as professional as in the West

The Uefa European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine will end on Sunday with Spain and Italy facing each other in the final game. The quality of the event's organisation was as high as in the West, writes the conservative daily Polska, taking stock of the tournament: "The Euro 2012 has turned out excellently. That much is clear already. ... And if the signs with the names of the cities hadn't adorned the stadiums, TV viewers could not have distinguished matches in Lemburg or Gdańsk from those at the Nou Camp in Barcelona or San Siro in Milan. Even the most seasoned fans who travel around Europe to the most important games no doubt had similar impressions: the infrastructure around the stadiums and the organisation of the fan zones in Poland and in Ukraine looked exactly like they do at big events in other countries. ... No fan noticed that the Euro 2012 took place in countries that are considerably poorer than states in the richer part of our continent."

Polska - Poland | 19/03/2010

EU won't solve problem of Poland's gas dependency

Brussels is examining whether the Polish-Russian gas contract violates EU laws because Poland is thus giving the Russian energy group Gazprom a monopoly over the transit of natural gas through its territory. But for the daily Polska the inquiry won't help Poland with its gas problem: "You can't expect the German [energy commissioner Günther Oettinger] to solve our gas problems arising from dependency on Gazprom with a wave of his magic wand. He won't heal us because he lacks the instruments to do so. The Lisbon Treaty contains regulations governing the principles of energy solidarity, but the Union has no common policy in this area. So there is no foundation on which to base accusations that for example Gazprom is monopolising the gas market (Only if a single company mines, sells and is also responsible for the transport of the raw material would the use of the word monopoly be justified)." 

Polska - Poland | 29/10/2009

New gas agreement makes Poland dependent on Russia

In an interview with the daily Polska Aleksander Gudzowaty, general director of the Polish gas trading company Bartimpex, gives vent to his annoyance about the gas delivery agreement between Poland and Russia and criticises Russia's negotiating tactics: "Moscow is pursuing a consistent strategy of making Poland dependent on it. It's only a matter of time before they start contesting our stake in EuRoPol Gaz [the leading Polish-Russian gas intermediary company]. The plans to diversify gas suppliers are just a media gag and our politicians are behaving like idiots. … [The Russians] are negotiating on all fronts simultaneously. Their specialists are talking to our experts, their ambassadors are courting our ambassadors, their politicians are agreeing on a standpoint with our politicians and their prime minister is putting our prime minister under pressure. This kind of offensive is meticulously planned and executed, leads to chaos, and you need to have the right skills to deal with it."

Polska - Poland | 09/06/2009

European elections provided clear answers

The elections to the European Parliament made many things clearer, writes Agaton Koziński in the daily Polska: "The advantage of elections is that they give a clear answer to questions. The results announced on Sunday, for example, showed what condition Europe's Left is in: abominable. They also showed that the [anti-European party] Libertas has failed to catch the attention of the Eurosceptics with its programme, despite its strident campaign. They have finally shown that less and less people are interested in the European Parliament, because in the entire history of these elections voter turnout has never been this low."

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