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Kownacki, Bartosz

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Newsweek Polska - Poland | 15/11/2013

Polish nationalists see gays everywhere

Polish nationalists set a rainbow sculpture on fire during clashes with the police in Warsaw on Poland's National Independence Day. The extremists made fools of themselves by thinking the colourful artwork was a symbol for the gay and lesbian movement, the neutral news magazine Newsweek Polska comments: "But the sculpture was only supposed to stand for beauty and be pleasing to the eye. For artist Julita Wójcik, the rainbow in the sky symbolises the transition from stormy to sunny weather. It is beautiful because nature has created it from light and water. ... After Independence Day, however, the rainbow sculpture has taken on another meaning - despite the fact that hardly anyone had noticed this up to now. Perhaps the nationalists should show a little less patriotism, ignore certain issues and above all not make themselves look so foolish in the eyes of the Polish and foreign press."

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