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Kowanda, Cezary

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1.  Polityka - Poland | 04/11/2015

PiS's business strategy full of contradictions

According to the centre-left news magazine Polityka, Poland's new national-conservative governing party PiS wants to pass all the costs for converting loans taken out in ... » more

2.  Polityka - Poland | 25/08/2015

Communist double strategy irritates investors

The investors are panicking not least because they do not know - when active in China - what kind of system they are dealing with. ... » more

3.  Polityka - Poland | 21/08/2015

Clear majority in Athens also good for EU

A victory for former prime minister Alexis Tsipras in the September elections would stabilise not only Greece but all of Europe, the online edition of ... » more

4.  Polityka Online - Poland | 29/04/2015

EU's plastic bag ban will anger Poles

The EU will pass legislation to significantly reduce the use of thin plastic bags, the European Parliament in Strasbourg decided on Tuesday. Poles use roughly ... » more

5.  Polityka Online - Poland | 07/08/2013

Don't ruin Poland's banks

Hungary plans to present a law for the conversion of foreign currency loans into Hungarian forint loans at a reduced exchange rate by the end ... » more

6.  Polityka Online - Poland | 17/04/2013

Improving global economy lowers gold prices

The dramatic decrease in the price of gold to below the key 1,400 dollars per ounce level has to do with the fact that the ... » more

7.  Polityka Online - Poland | 07/02/2013

Lot airline drifting aimlessly into insolvency

The Polish government on Wednesday reappointed the business consultant Sebastian Mikosz as CEO of the ailing state-owned airline Lot. The 39-year-old led the company in ... » more

8.  Polityka Online - Poland | 15/11/2012

Berlin will deny Poland additional EU funds

At the EU special summit on November 22 and 23, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk wants to push for a rise in the funding earmarked ... » more

9.  Polityka Online - Poland | 13/09/2012

No alternative to ESM

Germany's Constitutional Court did the right thing with its ruling and has contributed to saving the euro, the left-liberal news portal Polityka writes: "The situation ... » more

10.  Polityka Online - Poland | 27/07/2012

Polish airline folds after four months

In a surprise move on Thursday night, the Polish regional airline OTL, which had been running for just four months, shut down its operations after ... » more


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