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Kowalski, Artur

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Nasz Dziennik - Poland | 04/01/2016

PiS standing up to Western colonialists

The warnings from Brussels are just a sign that the EU is worried it will lose its influence over Poland, the national-Catholic daily Nasz Dziennik writes: "The PiS leadership is just starting its work and hasn't yet shown what it is capable of. So in fact the panicked voices in the West are the best indication of the quality of the new team. With their silent approval of the previous government, some Western Europeans have been exploiting Poland almost like a colony, but for them this golden age is now over. ... For example the bank sector, which is dominated by foreign capital, registered new record net profits almost every year. A current report put out by the [non-profit organisation] Global Financial Integrity shows that Poland is the only EU state among the 20 countries in the world in which foreign companies engage in illicit capital outflows."

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