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Kowalik, Tadeusz

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Przegląd - Poland | 05/03/2012

Tadeusz Kowalik on the two sides of Polish economic growth

The Polish economy is growing and growing, but so are the social inequalities, admonishes economics professor and ex-Solidarność functionary Tadeusz Kowalik in the left-leaning weekly Przegląd: "Today no one denies that we are well on the road to adopting Anglo-Saxon style capitalism. At the same time people are less apt to say that a relatively high economic growth is the sole sign of success. For society, and especially for the Left, what they really see of this success is it's ugly side, that is the fact that most of society doesn't benefit from this growth. There are various ways to demonstrate this ugliness. It's not difficult to name several inglorious Polish records within the EU. Over a long period of time we have had the highest unemployment - especially among the young. We've got the highest number of children living under the poverty line. We have the highest labour migration and rank worst in a discrimination index for women."

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