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Kowalczyk, Krzysztof Adam

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 08/01/2015

Poland's coal industry needs drastic measures

Poland announced on Wednesday that four of the 14 mines run by Europe's largest coal mine company Kompania Węglowa will be closed down. The modernisation of the sector must continue, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita urges: "First of all the management must remain firm in its dealings with the unions, which are threatening with strikes if the mines are shut down. The mines, whose profitable ore deposits have been exhausted, must be closed. Secondly, the miners must renounce at least some of their privileges. Thirdly, we must ensure that the 'patient' undergoes rehabilitation after he leaves the ward. ... After a courageous restructuring, the coal industry must address the issue of change of ownership. Private mines simply adapt better in times as difficult as the present."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 23/10/2014

Kopacz must defend Poland's climate sins

The EU climate summit is decisive for Poland's development, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita points out and calls on Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz to remain firm: "Over the next two days the future of the Polish coal-dependent energy sector will be decided. But more than that: the competitiveness of Poland's entire economy is at stake. If the political leaders confirm the ambitious CO2 emissions reduction targets for 2030 without making concessions to Poland and other Visegrad states, we face a drastic increase in energy prices. ... In the run-up to the summit there is already word from Brussels that an agreement is imminent that could be favourable for Poland. However if anything is missing, Kopacz must refuse to sign it. For example the rich EU countries must retain the option of passing on some of their emissions allowances to poorer states."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 28/04/2014

Germany wants to remain Gazprom's best customer

The Energy Union proposed by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, in which the EU would negotiate favourable terms for the purchase of Russian gas, won't work because one country won't join in, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita believes: "The problem is that the Germans already get cut-rate gas from the Russians. So they lack the motivation to change the present status quo. All the more so in that they need the cheap gas to maintain the competitiveness of the German energy and chemical industries. It's unlikely that a European purchasing group would be able to negotiate better conditions with the Russian monopolists than the ones the Germans already have. In addition, Gazprom will no doubt be prepared to defend its export revenues like a lion."

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