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Kowal, Paweł

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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 19/03/2009

Poland must prevent Expulsions centre

Pawel Kowal, a nationalist conservative MP for the PiS opposition party reacts in the daily Dziennik to the recent comments made by Erika Steinbach, president of the German Associaion of Expellees (BdV), to the effect that the Poles were nationalists because they had hindered her appointment as a member of the board of the planned Centre against Expulsions in Berlin: "The goal of Polish policy must surely be to prevent such a centre against expulsions from being founded in the first place. Therefore we are only playing into Erika Steinbach's hands if we accept half-hearted solutions [allowing the centre, but without Steinbach]. She has delivered ample proof that she is not interested in fostering good Polish-German relations. Her voting behaviour in affairs that affect Poland, such as the Polish-German agreements and Poland's EU membership agreements has confirmed this. I believe we will pay a high price for such a half-way solution because there is no guarantee that Erika Steinback won't sit on the board after all."

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