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Kovac, Dusan

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 06/02/2008

Joint Hungarian-Slovakian history book planned

For some time now, a joint Hungarian-Slovakian history textbook has been planned. Yet the textbook, following a German-French model, has not been published to date. Differences in opinion between the historians was not to blame, explains Slovakian historian Dusan Kovac in an interview with József Szilvássy. "Regarding reconciliation of the two countries, I consider the German-French example to be a model, but with one caveat. That process was initiated by the two statesmen, and only later did the intellectuals and citizens get on board. In our region, in contrast, this approach is supported only by those intellectuals who are dedicated to European values – but not by the politicians, neither on the Slovakian nor on the Hungarian side."

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