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Kováč, Dušan

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Sme - Slovakia | 21/02/2008

20th century Slovakian popular history

The Slovakian National Museum has opened an extensive exhibit about the development of the country in the 20th century. Historian Dušan Kováč, who took part in conceiving the project, spoke with Jana Kadlecová: "In the 20th century, Slovakia lived through two totalitarian regimes, two world wars and the Cold War. Our history was, therefore, dramatic and controversial. But we did not only want to look at the political aspects of the history. … You see, certain objects of daily use survived all kinds of political changes untouched. A clothes iron did not change its appearance because of the outbreak of World War II. The biggest challenge was to present the most recent history. … If we had displayed computers, and our entire virtual world of the Internet, it would not have been especially attractive to the museumgoer. Unfortunately, recent history does not lend itself easily to museums."

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